Queer FM Episode March 8, 2022

QueerFM Featured Guests : Elaine Mercedes Mendoza is an Author & Speaker / Not Sisters LGBTQ+ alt-pop duo comprising of vocalist Amanda Doucette & producer Tom Maguire

8:00am - 10:00am

Elaine Mercedes Mendoza (she/her) is an Author and Speaker with a thirst for knowledge, equality, inclusion, and bases her work around the idea that diversity IS our strength. She created the #AllHumansBelong movement which emphasizes that EVERYONE regardless of nationality, sexual orientation, race, religion, BELONGS.

Elaine enjoys sharing her life around the world on Instagram @FinallyElaine. However, although her work as a travel writer has been published, it is her work as an Author and Speaker that makes her come to life. She is a Contributing Author in "Time to Rise" where she was featured and called a "Change-Maker" by The Gandhi Foundation in 2017.

In her upcoming book "Humanized--Life Beyond Labels," (release date March 13th) she openly shares her journey growing up in a world that is not always welcoming to those that are not considered the norm. The book serves as a guide to living your life without the labels that create “stories” about us that are not usually accurate. Elaine openly explores and shares the four labels that affected her life: immigrant, Latina, female, and a part of the LGBTQ community.

Most importantly, she helps us become aware of our own labels that hold us back and the stories we tell ourselves about others. Finally, the tough conversations about Diversity and Inclusion come to life in a safe space. FinallyElaine is here. She does not just talk about diversity and inclusion --she LIVES it.

You can learn more about Elaine and her mission at her website www.FinallyElaine.me and please follow her and her travels on social at @finallyelaine or “our world with finally elaine” on Youtube.

NOT SISTERS is the new act at the forefront of the melting pot emerging within Vancouver's ever-growing music scene. The LGBTQ+ alt-pop duo comprising of vocalist Amanda Doucette (she/her) and producer Tom Maguire (he/him) explores the dark side of life and relationships in their carefully crafted, relatable songs.

The limitations of being a two-piece have forced the pair to develop a creative and encapsulating live performance, utilising complex live looping in order to perform without the need to recruit extra members.

Their most recent single LATELY was released in January of this year and is available on all the streaming services. Their upcoming single SAFETY will be released April 1st and they are going to be performing their first ever live gig on March 12th at The Portside in Vancouver. You can learn more about this unique up and coming band on their website at www.notsisters.ca

Track Listing:

On My Way
A La Una ft. Kimmortal · A La Una ft. Kimmortal
The Burning
Norine Braun · Norine Braun
Cold Hearted
N3S · N3S
Not Sisters · Not Sisters
Not Sisters · Not Sisters