Queer FM Episode February 1, 2022

QueerFM Featured Guest: Tea Fannie a hip hop artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

8:00am - 10:00am

TEA FANNIE (her/she): Hip Hop Artist Tea Fannie was born in Victoria, raised in Edmonton and now calls Calgary home.

She grew up listening to Kenny Rogers and Whitney Houston, (no, that’s not a typo) and by the time she was old enough to choose her own ear vibes she was into Green Day and Nas. She feels that her music style reflects that in a random way especially because she listens to music for lyrical content over beats which is kind of different in this day and age.

Like most rap artists, Tea used to write poetry growing up. She’s always had a deep love for music, but growing up on the likes of Whitney Houston, she figured if she couldn’t sing like her then she couldn’t be a singer, and if she couldn’t sing, then she couldn’t do music… Fast forward to 2019 when Fannie stole everyone’s attention performing at a record release party. She hasn’t looked back since and headlined her first gig for a Highku New Years event later that same year.

Tea just released a Live Sessions EP Jan 21st (available on all the streaming platforms) and her next release entitled Volume 2 – HerSheTea - EP drops Feb 15th 2022 with a video. Check her out at teafanniemusic.com

Track Listing:

New Balance
Dijahsb · Dijahsb
GImmi Dat
Tea Fannie · Tea Fannie
Xtravaganza (Radio Edit)
Naomi Leone · Naomi Leone
The Mad Chattaa · The Mad Chattaa
Def Sound · Def Sound Prod. Mocky
Roulette Delgato · Sunshine
Do It Sweetly
Tonye Aganaba · Tonye Aganaba