Queer FM Episode January 4, 2022

QueerFM Holiday Special : Parlour Panther local band/Raven Two Feathers/MANifesto a Canadian 5 piece Manband

8:00am - 10:00am

Parlour Panther local band

Gritty guitar, immersive synths and howling vocals - Parlour Panther lifts you up to a sonic

dream. With influences like Jungle, St. Vincent and Sylvan Esso, this self-produced Queer duo

brings you thunderously dark dream pop.

“Their lyrics are bold and the vocal delivery captivating” - Beatroute Magazine

Parlour Panther’s discography to date tells their love story from lustful lesbians to enby loves for life. Their latest release on Coax Records, sophomore LP Retrograde, takes a sharp turn.

Almost entirely written during a global pandemic, it explores the forced reflection that comes

from isolation through danceable anthemic hits. The arrangements cover the wide spectrum of

sound. Vibrantly showering synths hug the high end and resonant bass synths hold the low end.

Distorted melodious guitars call and respond with striking vocals. Their voices blend effortlessly

in harmony while also standing strong on their own. This fierce pop album flows seamlessly

through grief and growth to protest and apocalyptic love. Retrograde is available everywhere


WEBSITE: www.parlourpanthermusic.com


Raven Two Feathers

Raven Two Feathers (Cherokee, Seneca, Cayuga, Comanche) is a Two Spirit, Emmy award winning creator based in Seattle, WA. Originally from New Mexico, they spent their childhood moving and exploring Indigenous cultures across the continent and Pacific. They returned to New Mexico to attend Santa Fe University of Art & Design, graduating magna cum laude with a BFA in Film Production. They recently released a comic-based zine, “Qualifications of Being,” about their journey of realizing they are trans and Two Spirit. They grow and explore their practice through the people they meet, and the stories that guide them. Check out their linktree for more info on them and their work at linktr.ee/Raven_Two_Feathers



A decade in the imagining and two years in the making, MANifesto, a ManBand, DIONISIO, TWAINE, ICARUS, KELLY, BRAYO present a collection of 12 pop gems, spanning 70 years. The 5some utilize their queer feverish energy and stacked harmonies to tie the lot together.

The brainchild of Toronto Renaissance Man, R Kelly Clipperton (Kelly and the Kellygirls, Merkury Burn), MANifesto emerged out of a need for visibility and inclusion.

Clipperton scoured the city of Toronto to find the right voices and energies to complete the lineup, citing diversity as a paramount element.

MANifesto launched in February ’19 with Automatic (Pointer Sisters), followed by the mid-Pan Dam scorcher The Promise (Girls Aloud), and this Pride’s anthem Say You’ll Be There (Spice Girls). The three singles have all had accompanying videos that showcase the group's newfound friendship in humor, dance, joy, and theatrics. A 4th single: Lady Marmalade (Labelle) is in development and with the launch in tandem with the album.

The album completes with songs by Bananarama, The Chordettes, Fifth Harmony, The Supremes, All Saints, Jade, Expose and En Vogue.

The group worked with award-winning Producers: Brad ‘Merlin’ Nelson (Cylinder Sound), Spencer Sunshine, and Daryn Barry (Orange Lounge) to hone the early 90s dance feel that fused the record together.

MANifesto has joined forces with Rainbow Railroad, an organization very dear to them, with a wish to bring visibility and fundraising to the most disenfranchised of the global Queer Population.

A big part of the journey is brotherly support. Gay men are rarely presented as unified in the public eye and are certainly one of the last great taboos when it comes to acceptance and understanding.

Celebration. Dedication. Gaynation.

WEBSITE: @ManifestoTimes5

Track Listing:

Parlour Panther · Parlour Panther
Mr. Sandman
Manifesto · Manifesto
Put A Wreathe On It
Norine Braun · December Falls