Queer FM Episode October 5, 2021

QueerFM Featured Guests: Cat Mac singer/songwriter & author / Michael Fairman singer songwriter & journalist

8:00am - 10:00am

Michael Fairman grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where music was always his passion and first love. As a teen, he released his first recordings through a small label in Chicago. Once he graduated high school, he moved to Los Angeles and eventually to New York to pursue his career as a recording artist. He formed a band with some of the top studio musicians in the city, performed in rock, pop, and soul clubs, recorded, and tried to get the A&R reps out to his showcases in order to get signed by a label. Between the financial drain, and the disappointment of not having key people show up to his gigs, Fairman eventually felt burned out and needed a major change. He decided to put music on hold and move back to Los Angeles where he began a career in TV Production and entertainment journalism.

His new single, “Better Late Than Never,” builds on Michael Fairman’s previous releases, “Thing About Me” “Can’t Let You Go” and “Other Side”; three songs about the seemingly insurmountable challenges faced by the underdog, whether in love or in life. Michael’s songs are often-anthemic in nature and while they reflect on the harsh realities of the human condition, they offer positive messages of inspiration that can fit into listeners’ own life stories, encouraging them to feel and know that they are not alone. https://michaelfairmantv.com


Cat Mac (Catherine Mcneil) is the author of 'Under the Influence’ published by Bedazzled ink in Sept 2016 which won the Milieu Collective’s emerging writers national contest. She's a vibrant singer-songwriter with gutsy lyrics & a multi-instrumentalist. Her first cd is entitled ‘have a little heart,’ her second ‘the me in we.’ She has been widely published in literary magazines and anthologies throughout Canada, the states and England for 30 years. Her current manuscript ‘Emily & Elspeth' is looking for a publisher. She resides between Vancouver, BC and a women’s RV resort in Apache Junction, AZ with her dog Gaia and her cat Lavender.


Track Listing:

Take Control
Bae Baracus · Bae Baracus
Cat Mac · Cat Mac
Cat Mac · Cat Mac
Sister Flower (One Comes To Us)
Mich Cota · Mich Cota
Better Late Than Never
Michael Fairman · Michael Fairman
2020 Reprise
Norine Braun · Norine Braun