Queer FM Episode January 26, 2021

QueerFM featured guests: Joshua ‘Zeke’ Thomas is an American open-format DJ, businessman, Human Rights Activist&Mental Health Awareness Advocate/Sofia Fly is a DJ/Producer/Vocalist from Toronto.

8:00am - 10:00am

Joshua ‘Zeke’ Thomas is the embodiment of perseverance. From becoming a renowned open-format DJ to a forward-thinking businessman, to a dedicated Human Rights Activist and Mental Health Awareness Advocate while overcoming mountainous obstacles as a rape survivor, he is on an undeniable path to enacting change and making a real impact among our society.

Zeke’s first passion-turned-profession was music. As an in-demand DJ, he was an official NBA All-Star DJ 5 years counting and has shared the stage with and performed for celebrities including Michele Obama, Shaquille O’Neal, Diana Ross, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, and Snoop Dogg. He has also produced his own tracks, including debut single “REGRET”, club banger “#ByeFelicia”, and deeply personal “BLACKNESS” featuring Chuck D and Jasiri X, “Dealin’ With It” and “Love Me Sober”.

In April 2017, Zeke bravely appeared on Good Morning America to share his most painful experience, the story of his sexual assault. Since then, Zeke has found healing fighting for change, becoming the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s first male spokesman, appearing in a national PSA as a survivor and leader. He has travelled to college campuses with SUNY’s Got Your Back program, helped Congress draft policy around HBCU Title IX, ensuring that historically Black institutions can effectively support sexual-assault survivors, and has aligned with organizations including ACLU, The Ally Coalition, GLAAD, It’s On Us, The Jed Foundation, Little Kids Rock, the NoH8 Campaign, When We All Vote, HeadCount, Biden/Harris Presidential Campaign, among others.
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Sofia Fly is a DJ/Producer/Vocalist from Toronto. Her music features poetic party-girl lyrics set to a Latin inspired fusion of trap and house music. A Trans woman and Queer nightlife Queen, she frequently DJs across the city playing sets built around her own signature remixes and beats.

Track Listing:

Our Love Is Resistance
Fab The Duo · Fab The Duo
Zeke Thomas · Zeke Thomas
The C-Word
Strange Breed · Strange Breed
Patrona (Clean Edit)
Sofia Fly · Sofia Fly
Put In That Werk REMIX (Clean Edit)
Sofia Fly · Sofia Fly
The Lollipop Guild
COVID Queens Virtual Performance · COVID Queens Virtual Performance
God Is A Woman (Ariana Grande) X Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers) Mashup Cover
Terez · Terez
Don't Me
Tajmir Graves & Leelo Blue · Tajmir Graves & Leelo Blue
Piano Punk · Piano Punk
Maylee Todd · Maylee Todd