Queer FM Episode January 19, 2021

QueerFM Featured guests : Jane Byers a Canadian poet & author/ Belladaprima a Pop, Hip-hop, & Rnb recording artist from Niagara Falls, Ontario

8:00am - 10:00am

Jane Byers is the author of two poetry collections— Steeling Effects and Acquired Community, which won a Goldie Award for Poetry. She has co-written two award-winning documentary films and has had poems and essays published in anthologies and literary journals worldwide, including Best Canadian Poetry 2014. Her latest book is Small Courage: A Queer Memoir of Finding Love and Conceiving Family.

Belladaprima is a Pop, Hip-hop, and Rnb artist from Niagara Falls Ontario, she is self-taught in music production and has been classically trained as a vocalist since the age of 12. Bella has lived both walks of life she has seen the highs and lows society she has gone from having everything she ever needed, to being homeless to once again survive. Through life, she saw the only thing constant is change. She now does fundraising for the less fortunate and runs her own company helping people with healthier lifestyles. She creates art as a feeling of inner peace, and to inspire others to live a life of Love, Culture, Philosophy, and Spirituality.

Track Listing:

Never Surrender
Drake Jensen & Lisa Thompson · Drake Jensen & Lisa Thompson
Kardias Quing · Kardias Quing
Thrive (Velvet Code Tribal House Radio Edit)
Sofonda Cox · Sofonda Cox
Belladaprima · Belladaprima
Earthquake ft. DjDaddylysol
Belladaprima · Belladaprima
Owen Jones
Equalisation · Equalisation
Shamir · Shamir
Benzito · Benzito
Seiiizi · Seiiizi
Taxi Confessions
Nic Richelle · Nic Richelle