Queer FM Episode November 24, 2020

Art Starts contribute poetry for their upcoming event. Featuring Catalina La O Presenta: Ahora Conmigo director Jenny Larson & performer KhattieQ/Kid Dajour a gender-fluid recording artist from Oklahoma City

8:00am - 10:00am

Art Starts brought Angelica Poversky to lead a series of poetry-packed workshops for a brilliant group of youth that has created their own anthology - “Birthday Party”. This book is launching on November 27 with a live stream show through Art Starts. Poets in this book embrace queerness, self-love, forgiveness, and as a group, figure out what it means to release the past and make new marks. Some of the poets from the book and the newly formed “Flaming Balloon Collective”

Catalina La O Presenta: Ahora Conmigo is a piece for the queer communities. It is a piece for the colonized body. It is a piece for Puerto Rico. It is a piece for anyone who has experienced heartbreak. It is a piece for survivors. It is a piece that speaks to resistance. Directed by Jenny Larson, and performed by KhattieQ


KiD Dajour your newest favorite LGBTQ activist, gender-fluid artist. Born and raised in Oklahoma City. KiD Dajour'S sound is addictive and his lyrical prowess started when he sang covers in 2011. Kid Dajour began writing music at the age of 14.


Track Listing:

CJ Run · CJ Run
KhattieQ · Catalina La O presenta Ahora Conmigo
But...I Survived
Lady Davenport Smith, Peppermint, and Mila Jam · Lady Davenport Smith, Peppermint, and Mila Jam
It Was Love
Kid Dajour · Kid Dajour
Song Bout You
Kid Dajour · Kid Dajour
Make You Mine This Season (From Happiest Season)
Tegan and Sara · Happiest Season