Queer FM Episode October 13, 2020

The Bourgeois Brothers Kohl aka Cole located in Vancouver & Mav in the UK this duo releases New Music

8:00am - 10:00am

The Bourgeois Brothers, Kohl (aka Cole), and Laird (aka Mav) were, until recently, separate entities that didn’t know each other. Born of the same mother,(but separated by an ocean and continent) their lives followed the same paths leading them to the moment they were reunited a few years ago.
The Bourgeois Brothers. Mav, an accomplished songwriter and synth wizard, and Cole, a singer and visual lyricist discovered a lifetime of similar musical talents, their love for music, fashion, and fabulousness came together in a cross Atlantic collaboration of creativity through technology.







Track Listing:

Ketchup Dreams
Stas THEE Boss · Stas THEE Boss
Ask Me What I Need
Goddexx · Goddexx
The Bourgeois Brothers · The Bourgeois Brothers
Loved You Better
HOLLAND (???) · HOLLAND (???)