Queer FM Episode September 22, 2020

Mi?ch Cota/ Ki?zis Montreal, Indigenous, Trans artist/ Sarah Kellysen artist from Calgary, Alberta featured interviews

8:02am - 10:02am

Kizis (fka Mich Cota) is a four-spirit trans woman, raised by a native father and a white mother in Southern Ontario. Cota began composing small melodies on the piano from the age of three to create her own sacred space in an intensely religious home. Inspired by her countryside surroundings, she would ingrain herself in nature, imagining herself in a place free of theology and restraint.

Her music is a way of navigating past traumas while exploring her queer experience, with open, unapologetic sincerity. It’s through her artistic expression that she relates to others, to build collective understanding and empathy, with the intention to heal and challenge normative ways of being.
Social media: https://www.instagram.com/kizis4spirit/

Canadian artist Sarah Kellysen hails from Calgary, Alberta, and finds themselves dabbling in various areas of the arts, whether that be regarding their acting, singing, or songwriting career. Sarah Kellysen is all about expressing themself in an entertainingly articulate way, and their recent music releases can prove just that. Using their music as a platform, Sarah Kellysen never misses a moment to enlighten and lift up their listeners, and did exactly that with their most recent album release, "Rainbow Rhythm."
Social Media links
https://www.youtube.com/SarahKellysen - Youtube
https://www.instagram.com/SarahKellysen - Instagram
https://www.twitter.com/Victorrious - Twitter

Track Listing:

Dey My Dey
CJ Run · CJ Run
Everlasting Ego
Lvly ft. Milva · Lvly ft. Milva
Mi?ch Cota/ Ki?zis · Mi?ch Cota/ Ki?zis
No Canada
Mi?ch Cota/ Ki?zis · Mi?ch Cota/ Ki?zis
Kiss For The Valley
Mi?ch Cota/ Ki?zis · Mi?ch Cota/ Ki?zis
Turntables 'The Fight for Democracy'
Jonelle Monaé · Jonelle Monaé
let me go
Sarah Kellysen · Rainbow Rhythm