Queer FM Episode August 11, 2020

INTERVIEWS with Canadian Singer,Actor, Dancer Jonathan Dylan & Branden & James American Powerhouse Cello & Vocal Duo

8:00am - 10:00am

Jonathan Dylan is a Canadian Recording Artist, Actor, Dancer, and Reality TV Personality. He is best known for his Electro Pop/dance sound in the Canadian music world and holding the “Canadian Human Ken Doll” title, making headlines all over the world and appearing on many tv shows, most memorable for his appearance on E!’s “Botched” season 4 and 6 and “Hooked On The Look” in the UK. To date, he has 6 original singles from his Debut EP “I Just Want To Dance” on all music platforms. He has danced for numerous top 40 Canadian pop stars and bands in music videos and concerts. He is back with a completely new sound with his brand new single “CIAO” off his upcoming second EP set to release in September along with a new highly anticipated music video. Jonathan is an actor as well, currently studying acting at Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts.
Instagram: @jonathandylan
Twitter: @jonathandylan20

Branden's new memoir 'LYRICS OF MY LIFE: MY JOURNEY WITH FAMILY, HIV, AND REALITY TV' is authentically Branden highlighting the conflicts of growing up gay in a world that looked upon his true self and beliefs as an impractical, sinful way of life. Branden spares no details about his unstable life as a young adult, estrangement from his close-knit family, and, despite it all, his unbreakable will to overcome adversity. In a quest for his own personal freedom, Branden finds reconciliation with his family, rediscovers his faith, and realizes that affliction and hardship are not what define us as human beings.

BRANDEN & JAMES as a duo is bringing a soulful new sound to fans with the long-awaited release of their debut album, Chasing Dreams. A follow up to their critically-acclaimed 2018 EP, Hallelujah, the forthcoming album is set to drop on July 31st, 2020 and includes a duet with Broadway superstar and Billboard #1 recording artist, Shoshana Bean. Listeners will be able to find the new music across all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) as well as from the artist’s website: brandenjames.com

Track Listing:

Nerdy Bears
Tom Goss · Tom Goss
Love Yourself – Pose-A-Thon Version
Billy Porter · Billy Porter
Jonathan Dylan · Jonathan Dylan
Honey Trap
Jonathan Dylan · Jonathan Dylan
Till We See
You and I (Vinceremo) Un omaggio all'Italia e al suo popolo. (A tribute to Italy
Million Dreams
Hayden McHugh · Hayden McHugh