Queer FM Episode June 2, 2020

New Highlights:

8:00am - 10:00am

- The UK considering easing restrictions on collecting blood from gay donors.
- Ruby Rose leaves 'Batwoman' series
- Christian Cooper Harvard educated biomedical editor and former comic book editor goes viral when a woman calls the police on him in Central Park after he says he asked her to leash her dog.

Track Listing:

Giorgi ft. Kendra Dias · Giorgi
Zeke's Song
We Were Friends · We Were Friends
You'll Never Walk Alone
Virtual Choir Orchestra · Virtual Choir Orchestra
Keep You Close (Nicolass Remix)
Una Mey · Una Mey
K I'm mortal
Kimmortal · Kimmortal
Old Soul Rebel · Old Soul Rebel
Playing With Fire
Aaron Kowal · Good Sins, Bad Decisions
Hayden McHugh · Hayden McHugh
Tempest Jade · Tempest Jade
Rich And Famous
Fortune Killers · Fortune Killers
Compassion Machine
Kele Fleming · Kele Fleming
Set Free
Jennifer Loyola · Glimpses of Indigo
I'm Just Here To Dance
Feminist Dance Anthems · Feminist Dance Anthems
Don't Worry
Diana Boss · Diana Boss
Keep Dancing
Carl Thornton · Carl Thornton