Queer FM Episode May 26, 2020

News Highlights:

8:00am - 10:00am

- Convalescent plasma is collected from someone who has recovered from the virus. When a person is infected with a virus, their body starts making antibodies to fight it. It is the key ingredient for a treatment to help others with the same virus.

Track Listing:

Tonye Aganaba · Something Comfortable
Have It All
Tempest Jade · Tempest Jade
Longest Time
Phoenix Chamber Choir · Phoenix Chamber Choir
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Piano Punk · Piano Punk
Our Stand
Fallen Stars · Fallen Stars
In Our House
Mich Cota · Mich Cota
Compassion Machine
Kele Fleming · Kele Fleming
Paper Thin
Peter Katz · Peter Katz
Like We Used To Be
Peter Katz · Peter Katz
Come Alive
Luke Bentlay · Luke Bentlay
No Superman
Natasha Pheko · Natasha Pheko
IMUR ft. Biawanna · IMUR ft. Biawanna
Stay Home Don't Roam
Ndidi Cascade · Ndid Cascade
Move On
Francis Arevalo ft Desiree Dawson · Francis Arevalo ft Desiree Dawson
Wide Open Ocean
Claire Mortifee · Claire Mortifee