Queer FM Episode May 12, 2020

QueerVid-19 #6

8:02am - 10:00am

- Coronavirus Parody "STUPID COUGH" (Lady Gaga "Stupid Love" PARODY)
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Stayin' Inside" - Coronavirus Bee Gees Parody

- City of Vancouver unveils Outdoor Micro wedding scheme at City Hall
- Homeless moved out of downtown Vancouver and Victoria to hotels due to covid-19
- Japanese aquarium asks for people to video call their garden eels

Track Listing:

Stay Home Don't Roam
Ndidi Cascade · Ndidi Cascade
Keep Knockin
Little Richard · Little Richard
Things Fall Apart
Random Order · Random Order
We Ain't Friends
Tonye Aganaba · Something Comforable
Liberated Woman
Diana Boss · Diana Boss
Feminist Dance Anthems · Feminist Dance Anthems
I Just Wanna Dance
Jonathan Dylan · Jonathan Dylan