Queer FM Episode January 14, 2020

Reuben “Tihi” Hayslett call in guest from living in Long Beach, CA. A queer writer, activist and storyteller

8:02am - 10:00am

Dark Corners was written immediately after the election of Donald Trump to the White House in 2016. It was meant to be reflective of the maddening times we live in, especially for a range of minorities who at times struggle to make their way in a nation torn by politics.
Dark Corners explores racism, violence, drug addiction, gay lifestyle, and issues of significance for a divided, distracted, and diverse nation.

Track Listing:

Reid Zakos ft. Dante Hart · Reid Zakos ft. Dante Hart
Duke Of The Dancefloor
Kim & Jerome Mandrake · Kim & Jerome Mandrake
Strange Breed · Permanence
Rich And Famous
Fortune Killers · Fortune Killers
Mess Me Up
Luke Bentlay · Luke Bentlay
Fine Diamonds
Clear Mortifee · Clear Mortifee
Diamonds Lie
Nimkish Younging · Heartbreak On The Coast
Single Life
Potatohead People ft. Bunnie · Potatohead People ft. Bunnie
It's My Party
Tempest Jade · Tempest Jade
Tie The Blindfold
Pale Red · Heavy Petting
Kimmortal ft. Khingz & Jillthy · Kimmortal ft. Khingz & Jillthy
Particles Of Light
Sarah Wheeler · Black Helicopters
Beast In Love
Red Panda Productions ft. Pixil-8 · Red Panda Productions ft. Pixil-8
Unshaping You
Rio By Night · Yet The World