Queer FM Episode October 1, 2019

LGBT News Highlights:

8:00am - 10:00am

-Women of color take center stage at D.C. Trans Visibility March
-Join us for a series of town hall debates on LGBTQ2 issues in the Canadian federal election
-Walk, walk, fashion baby! Here’s the hottest looks from London’s first-ever all-trans fashion show
-Trans sex workers share powerful reasons why sex industry needs to be decriminalized

Track Listing:

Blurry Now
Jayden McKenzie x Reid Zakos · Jayden McKenzie x Reid Zakos
Single Life
Potatohead People ft. Bunnie · Potatohead People ft. Bunnie
My Blood
Strange Blood · Permanence
Nimkish Younging ft. Mac Ramsay · Heartbreak On The Coast
IMUR ft. Biawanna · IMUR ft. Biawanna
Sad Femme Club
Kimmortal · X Marks The Swirl
The Most Unprotected Girl
JB The 1st Lady · JB The 1st Lady
Lost & Found
RedPanda Productions ft. Pixil-8 · RedPanda Productions ft. Pixil-8
Thicc Honey
Diana Boss ft. Giorgi · Diana Boss ft. Giorgi
The Day Before I Met You
Aaron Kowal · Good Sins, Bad Decisions
Keep You Close
Una Mey · Una Mey
Let Me In
Tissa Rahim · Tissa Rahim
Nite Sun · Nite Sun
Soft (But I'm Mean Tho)
Mama Rude Gyal · Mama Rude Gyal
Luke Bentley · Luke Bentley
Fortune Killers · Fortune Killers
Please Please Please
Old Soul Rebel · Old Soul Rebel