Queer FM Episode August 20, 2019

2 Productions from Vancouver Fringe Festival LIFT & 4 Productions from the Vancouver Queer Film Festival

8:00am - 10:00am

In studio guest Stefanie & Jesse from Awkward Stage Productions: LIFT: explores the idea of strangers. Set in a London
underground lift, in the imagination of one man, during one minute, on
it’s way to the surface, we meet seven seemingly random characters. they
are: a businessman, his secretary, a gay male ballet dancer, a female
lap dancer, a french teacher and two American tourists.
Today, in this lift, in this minute we witness their lives through the
eyes and words of the busker. Writing songs about the people he watches.
He lives his fears and dreams through their stories and what he creates
is his own fiction as the inhabitants of the lift serve to answer his
problems and most of their stories become the answers to his own

Julie Gieseke’s Borderline A**hole at the Vancouver Fringe Festival
What do you do when your new girlfriend accuses you of having Borderline Personality Disorder? After years of chasing unavailable women, Julie may have found her ideal girlfriend. Monica isn't afraid to break all the rules, prefers to make art rather than watch Netflix, and thinks Julie's a creative genius. Best of all, she’s really into Julie. The only trouble is they can’t agree on one thing - that Julie is the problem.
Julie’s show is an hour-long performance about her struggle with her sense of self, love, expectations, and her mental health all while dealing with her mother’s terminal illness.
Also, Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2019 #vqff2019 just kicked off we have short interviews with Sean Horlor & Steve J. Adams directors of Brunch Queens (The Coast Is Queer)
Neelu Bhuman director of TRANSFINITE
Graham Kolbeins directo of Queer Japan and Olivia Marie Golosky of Nite Ride (Queer Fear)

Track Listing:

Diamonds Lie
Heartbreak on the Coast · Nimkish Younging
Reid Zakos · Reid Zakos
The Vanishing of the Bees
Kele Fleming · Kele Fleming
Try For Love
Jennifer Loyola · Glimpses Of Indigo
Take You Back
Biawanna · Biawanna
Thicc Honey
Diana Boss ft. Giorgi Holiday · Diana Boss
Come Alive
Luke Bentlay · Luke Bentlay
It's My Party
Tempest Jade · Tempest Jade
Dancing In The Street
Queer As Funk · Queer As Funk
Brown Girls
Vivek Shraya · Vivek Shraya & Queer Songbook Orchestra