Queer FM Episode May 7, 2019

News Highlights:

8:09am - 10:00am

-Gratitude, tears — and some wariness — as Edmonton’s police chief apologizes to LGBTQ community
-Canada’s new LGBTQ coin has been revealed & it’s already spurring controversy
-Filipino businessman Janjep Carlos wins Mr Gay World 2019
-This is why RuPaul didn't go in drag to the camp-themed Met Gala
-Madonna announces ‘magic, intimate’ Madame X Tour
-Anti-trans lesbians tried to protest at Swansea Pride but were ignored

Track Listing:

Reid · Reid
Luke Bentlay · Luke Bentlay
Things To Do
Mr. Stee x Radina Vee · Mr. Stee x Radina Vee
Young and In Love
Biawanna · Biawanna
Dancing in The Street
Queer As Funk · Queer As Funk
Black Helicopter
Sarah Wheeler · Black Helicopter
Pussy Grabs Back
Sorry Edith · Sorry Edith
Love You Better
Roulette Delgato · Roulette Delgato
Carl Thorton · Carl Thorton
Beat Of My Heart (Diana Boss Remix)
Quanah Style · Quanah Style
I Just Wanna Dance
Jonathan Dylan · Jonathan Dylan