Queer FM Episode April 30, 2019

Cast members of The Sea and Slamming Door Collective

8:08am - 10:00am

Cheyenne Mabberley (called in to the station) Co- Costume designer for THE Sea & an actor, writer, comedian, designer, and producer from Burnaby BC.
Insta: @chey.nan.igans
Twitter: @AfterPartyGirls

Nico Dicecco (called in to the station) is a stage manager, writer, and performer based in Richmond BC
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The Slamming Door Collective

-Stephen Fry joins celebrities condemning proposed Eurovision boycott
'The spirit of togetherness is under attack by those calling to boycott Eurovision 2019 because it is being held in Israel'
-Bangladesh gives voting rights to hijra community
-Spice Girls join the Mr. Men and Little Misses cast in new children's books
Emma, Geri, Mel B and Mel C will be the protagonists of four original stories of the popular children's book series
-Minnesota making strides to become next US state to ban conversion therapy
-Taylor Swift, Amazon calling to stop anti-LGBTI laws in Tennessee
Dozen of businesses have spoken up against Tennessee's Slate of Hate

Track Listing:

The Vanishing of bees
Kele Fleming · Kele Fleming
Think Too Much
Jennifer Loyola · Glimpse of Indigo
Shame shame shame
Random Order · Random Order
Caught Up
Diana Boss · Diana Boss
Luke Bentlay · Luke Bentlay
Take You Back
Biawanna · Biawanna
Bunnie · Bunnie
It's My Party
Tempest · Tempest
Should Be
IMUR · Thirty33
Green Tea
Rupert Common · Veganese Folk-Hop
Tie The Blindfold
Pale Red · Heavy Petting
RedPanda Productions ft. Joey McLeod · RedPanda Productions
Fortune Killers · Fortune Killers
Wide Open Ocean
Claire Mortifee · Claire Mortifee
Half The Time
Rio By Night · Yet The World
Giorgi Holiday · Giorgi Holiday