Queer FM Episode March 5, 2019

Desirée Dawson a Canadian singer, songwriter and baritone ukulele player, call in guest Lynx called in of Random Order vocalist/activist

8:00am - 10:00am

-A Canadian court just gave a transgender teen a massive legal win
-INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2019 Campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter
-This city just painted a giant rainbow flag on its airport

Track Listing:

Things to do
Mr. Stee x Radina Vee · Mr. Stee x Radina Vee
Time To Kill
no reception. · no reception.
Sarah Wheeler · Sarah Wheeler
Hey Brother
Desirée Dawson · Desirée Dawson
Wide Open Ocean
Claire Mortifee · Claire Mortifee
The Most Unprotected Girl
JB The First Lady · JB The First Lady
Shame Shame Shame
Random Order · Random Order
Kimmortal · Kimmortal
Please Please Please
Old Soul Rebel · Old Soul Rebel