Queer FM Episode January 22, 2019

News Highlights this week:

8:04am - 10:00am

-Watch this young boy explain the importance of Martin Luther King’s life & death
-United Nations tells New Zealand to do more for LGBTI rights
New Zealand was told to stop performing surgery on intersex people without their consent
-Moonlight's Mahershala Ali receives Oscar nomination for Green Book
Ali's character in new movie Green Book has a sexual experience with a man
-RuPaul shuts down Meghan Markle’s haters, says ‘pay them b****es no mind’
-In a first, trans Indian gurus to build ashram in religious city
The group 'has emerged as a very significant feature’ of one of India’s largest religious festivals, according to the culture ministry
-Kamala Harris has been working decades to win your vote for president
-New LGBT+ network Pride in Music aims to champion diversity
-Lawsuit filed against Singapore Attorney-General over anti-gay laws
Singapore LGBTIs want to follow in India's footsteps to decriminalize homosexuality

Track Listing:

Heavy Petting
Pale Red · Leave Any Room
Kimmortal · Kimmortal
Long In Privilege
Rupert Common · Veganese Folk Hop
Wide Open Ocean
Claire Mortifee · Claire Mortifee
Time to Kill
no reception. · no reception.
Beautiful Burner
Sorry Edith · Sorry Edith
Please Please
Old Soul Rebel · Old Soul Rebel
Mama Rude Gyal · Mama Rude Gyal
Sarah Wheeler · Sarah Wheeler
Black Lipstick Kiss [Lov3mix]
Random Order · Random Order
Reid · Reid
Dancing in the Street
Queer As Funk · Queer As Funk
The Most Unprotected Girl
JB The First Lady · JB The First Lady
Roulette Delgato · Roulette Delgato
Hot Sex Part 2
Prxncxss Aprntly · Prxncxss Aprntly
Tempest · Tempest