Queer FM Episode October 16, 2018

LGBTI News Highlights:

8:07am - 10:00am

-Burnaby rally to support LGBT–inclusive SOGI in schools to be held on October 14
-It took thousands of police to keep this South Korea pride parade violence-free
-An airline has painted gay ‘hero’ Oscar Wilde’s picture on its planes
-Transgender woman Rachel McKinnon wins cycling world championship
-Trans activists in Pakistan call on govt to urgently tackle 'endemic' violence
-Netflix had the best response to a homophobe angry about gay TV characters
-Gay penguins in Australia adopted an egg and they are ‘amazing parents’
-Same-sex 'Pocky challenge' causes stir in Indonesia

Track Listing:

Should Be
I M U R · Should Be
Life Goes On
RedPanda Productions ft. Kristina Sheldon · RedPanda Productions
A Girl Like Me
aRc Aurelia · aRc Aurelia
Take It
Fortune Killers · Fortune Killers
Time To Kill
no reception. · no reception.
Still Here
JB The First Lady · Still Here
Never Givin Up On You
Jonathan Dylan · Jonathan Dylan
Respect Me
Sarah Wheeler · Champion
North Star
Rio By Night · Yet The World
Fight the Feeling
Random Recipe · Fight the Feeling
Dancing in The Street
Queer As Funk · Queer As Funk
Old Soul Rebel · Old Soul Rebel
Cautionary Tale
Kele Fleming · No Static
Rae Spoon · Armour
Gay Pirates
Evan Westfal · Gay Pirates
Hot Sex Part 2
Prxncxss Aprntly · Prxncxss Aprntly