Queer FM Episode January 16, 2018


8:26am - 10:00am

-Pioneering gay Vancouver politician won’t run again
-How a neon heart is sparking renewed interest in recognizing Vancouver’s LGBT Village
-Taiwan to add third gender to passports and national ID cards
-Japan’s leading dictionary has added in a definition of LGBT, but it’s not quite right
-It's official: Grindr makes people unhappy when they use it too much

Track Listing:

How Deep
Sarah Eske · How Deep
Red Light
Ria Mae · Red Light
Panther Paws
Claire Mortifee · Panther Paws
Black Lipstick Kiss Lov3mix
Random Order · Black Lipstick Kiss Lov3mix
Lover Like Me
Off Bloom · Lover Like Me
I think you should
Tempest Jade · I think you should
88 and Beyond
Kimmortal · 88 and Beyond
Night Box
Fake Tears · Night Box
Scissor Sisters · SWERLK
Mama Rude Gyal · 4Am
Roulette Delgato · TANGLED