Queer FM Episode January 9, 2018

LGBT+ NEWS Highlights:

8:04am - 10:00am

-Vancouver could become the first city in Canada to ban anti-LGBT conversion therapy
-How a queer-friendly space is making a small town in BC’s conservative Fraser Valley more welcoming
-Sydney Festival set to host a huge wedding reception to celebrate legalising gay marriage
-The internet went insane for Oprah’s Golden Globe speech about #metoo
-Uganda's LGBTI film festival defiantly returns after police raid
Even though the venue was kept secret 500 people still managed to attend the film festival
-This cute song wants to inspire kids to be true to themselves
'You say be a man, but I'm quite happy being who I am' by Olly Pike

Track Listing:

A Girl Like Me
aRc Aurelia · A Girl Like Me
I Just wanna make love to you
Queer As Funk · I Just wanna make love to you
Boredom Is Beauty
Sorry Edith · Boredom Is Beauty
State of Sound · Heaven
Rise And Fall
Stewart Legere · Rise And Fall
Michelle Joly · Preach
Who I am
Olly Pike · Who I am
Brown Girls
Vivek Shraya · Vivek Shraya & Queer Songbook Orchestra
Have it All
Tempest Jade · Have it All
Next To You
Eli Lieb · Next To You
Please Please
Old Soul Rebel · Please Please
Horsepowar · Weirdo
Lover Like Me
Off Bloom · Lover Like Me
I feel the love
Destineak · I feel the love
Allie X ft. VÉRITÉ · Casanova