Queer FM Episode October 24, 2017

LGBT News Highlights:

8:00am - 10:00am

-Why Canadians should care about Egypt’s anti-LGBT crackdown
-Chilliwack school trustee: Allowing children to 'change gender is nothing short of child abuse'
-#PostYourYes: Numbers of young people voting falling behind in marriage survey
-Coronation Street wins PinkNews Ally Award for ‘decades’ of LGBT representation
-South African internet provider under fire for transphobic ads
'These ads are nothing more than transmisogyny. It takes our femaleness and relates it to maleness devaluing who we are.'

Track Listing:

God Bless Orlando
Merle G · God Bless Orlando
Fortune Killers · Domino
How Deep
Sarah Eske · How Deep
Something on my mind Session BIM BAM BOUM
Random Recipe · Something on my mind Session BIM BAM BOUM
Roulette Delgato · TANGLED
Please Please
Old Soul Rebel · Please Please
Michelle Joly · Preach
Rise and Fall
Stewart Legere · Quiet The station
aRc Aurelia · Life
New Skies
Erica Dee · New Skies
Friday Night
RKHTY · Friday Night
Sorry Edith · Sorry Edith