Queer FM Episode September 12, 2017

LGBTQ News highlights :

8:25am - 10:00am

-How many gay and bisexual men live in Vancouver?
-A lesbian couple just had babies & the fathers are married (to each other)
-Voting begins in Australia’s equal marriage postal ballot
-Darlene will have a gender-creative kid in the ‘Roseanne’ revival
-College uses Winnie the Pooh to tell potential rapists to masturbate instead
-Brazilian queer art exhibition shut down for 'promoting pedophilia'
-We’re not clowning around: Pennywise from ‘It’ is the new gay icon for 2017

Track Listing:

Fortune Killers · Domino
Little Death
IMUR · Little Death
Have It All
Tempest Jade · Have It All
Black Lipstick Kiss [ Lov3mix ] - Audio
Random Order · Black Lipstick Kiss [ Lov3mix ] - Audio
Clothes Off
Queer As Funk · Clothes Off
aRc Aurelia · Life
Sorry Edith · Sorry Edith
Ooh Love (Neon Dreams Remix)
Ria Mae · Ooh Love (Neon Dreams Remix)
Please Please
Old Soul Rebel · Please Please
Missy D feat. Kimmortal · XX