Queer FM Episode August 8, 2017

LGBT News Highlights this week:

8:01am - 10:00am

-Why Justin Trudeau skipped Vancouver’s Pride parade
-Toronto police tell a concerned crowd there’s no evidence tying the recent cases of two gay missing men
-Party organizers prepare for possible fentanyl overdoses at Pride
-Get ready to party Vancouver! Annual Pride Parade today
-Nepalese couple makes history with first trans marriage
-Australians might get to vote on marriage equality in November
'This Government is looking increasingly ridiculous because of the lengths it is going to stop Parliament doing its work and voting marriage equality through.'
-Jamaica celebrates its third annual Pride week
Homosexuality is still criminalized in Jamaica
-Blyss Nightclub shuts its doors eight months after opening
-Trump kisses lesbian officer who stopped shooting attempt on congressional baseball practice
-Google reportedly fires man for anti-diversity memo

Track Listing:

Love You Now
Melissa Vales · Love You Now
RKHTY · Grapevyne
MIchelle Joy · Preach
Claire Mortifee · Shanghigh
Can You Get to that
Old Soul Rebel · Can You Get to that
Black Lipstick Kiss [ Lov3mix ]
Random Order · Black Lipstick Kiss [ Lov3mix ]
Mr. Big Stuff
Queer As Funk · Mr. Big Stuff
Second Wind
Fake Tears · Second Wind
Wishes In Wells
Stewart Legere · Quiet the Station
Fool's Gold
Fortune Killers · Fool's Gold