Queer FM Episode July 18, 2017

Great Show

8:03am - 10:00am

-Toronto’s rainbow crosswalks won’t be fixed for another year
‘I want someone to take responsibility for this,’ says city councillor
-The Gay of Thrones recap is just as sassy as you’d hoped
-Facebook brings back pride flag emoji — but not for most of us
-Woman Looking for Weed, Finds Love in a Trans Man: “Love is Always Right
-Australian government plays down rebellion over same-sex marriage

Track Listing:

Sorry Edith · Sorry Edith
Black Lipstick Kiss [ Lov3mix ]
Random Order · Random Order
Carrier Hotel
Kele Fleming · No Static
I feel the love
Destineak · I feel the love
Mama Rude Gyal · Mama Rude Gyal
Claire Mortifee · Claire Mortifee
Rae Spoon · Armour
New Skies
Erica Dee · New Skies
Clothes Off
Queer As Funk · Queer As Funk
The LGBTQAlphabet
The LGBTQAlphabet · The LGBTQAlphabet
Have It All
Tempest Jade · Tempest Jade
Give Me Life
Diana Boss ft Quanah · Diana Boss ft Quanah
Frazey Ford · Frazey Ford
Stewart Legere · Quiet The Station
Oooh Love
Ria Mae · Ria Mae