Queer FM Episode May 23, 2017

Call in interviews: Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa: development director of Queer Arts Festival And Raven John is a Native, Feminist, Two-Spirit artist

8:17am - 10:01am

-Qmunity finally finds a new home and it’s in the Village
-Gucci’s new pride-themed sneakers are every fashion queen’s dream come true
-This lesbian fled Russia in a boat & sailed across the ocean to be with her love

Track Listing:

aRc Aurelia · Life
Zeke's Song
We Were Friends · Zeke's Song
Missy D ft. Kimmortal · When Music Hits you feel no pain
Wishing away
Kele Fleming · No Static
Mama Rude Gyal · Mama Rude Gyal
Jay Boogie · Body
The beast in me
Rae Spoon · Armour
Dancing in the Street
Queer As Funk · Dancing in the Street
Canary Yellow
Dai Burger · Canary Yellow
Pot of gold
iammandrake · Pot of gold