Queer FM Episode March 7, 2017

International Women's Day Show

8:13am - 10:00am

women across the globe, Strike4Repeal was launched, calling for a referendum on the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution. The Eighth Amendment, inserted in 1983, equates the life of a pregnant person with the life of a foetus, and limits abortion in Ireland solely to circumstances where there a ‘real and substantial risk’ to the life of the mother exists. The impact of Ireland’s abortion laws and the Eighth Amendment have been far-reaching. The Eighth Amendment affects maternal and pregnancy rights. It prevents those carrying foetuses with fatal abnormalities from accessing abortions. It has resulted in the deaths of women in Ireland. It forces people who wish to access abortions to travel overseas (if they have the means and ability to) or face a 14 year jail sentence for importing and taking medical abortion pills in Ireland. We have remained patient in the face of this injustice for a long time – our patience is wearing thin.

The only way we can begin to change this situation is by repealing the Eighth Amendment. The Citizens’ Assembly, due to wrap up discussions and report back in early March, is, in our view, merely a delay tactic. Despite the fact that opinion polls indicate that a significant majority of the Irish population are in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment, current and previous Governments appear unwilling to touch the issue. What are they afraid of? Who is this ‘Middle Ireland’ they speak of? If the figures indicate a willingness to hold a referendum on the issue, why don’t we hold one? It boils down to this: why ask 99 people when you can ask an entire country?

So, on the 8th of March in Ireland, on International Women’s Day, strike. This is not a traditional industrial strike, but there are many ways you can observe and support it. If you can, take the day off work. Forgo domestic chores if possible. Ask local businesses to close their services in support. Or wear black in solidarity, and register support on social media using the hashtag #strike4repeal.

Show your solidarity with women in Ireland, women in Iceland, women in the US, women in Argentina, women in Poland, women around the world, and get ready to fight.

- See more at: http://www.abortionrightscampaign.ie/2017/01/30/strike-4-repeal/#sthash.SF1uwjCz.dpuf
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Track Listing:

I Feel The Love
DESTINEAK · I Feel The Love
Fool's Gold
Fortune Killers · Fool's Gold
Love will set you free
Quanah Style · Love will set you free
Ooh Love (Neon Dreams Remix)
Ria Mae · Ooh Love (Neon Dreams Remix)
ABRA · Fruit
Dancing In the Street
Queer As Funk · Dancing In the Street
Open Your Eyes
Sam Feldt & Hook N Sling · Open Your Eyes
Reya Sunshine · Respect
Close to You Remix
Nic Richelle ft. Daniella Davina · Close to You Remix