Queer FM Episode November 1, 2016

News Highlights this week:

8:08am - 10:32am

-Six queer horror films to stay in and watch on Halloween 2016
-First LGBT foster agency in Ontario opening its doors
-Red Door bathhouse remains closed
-How Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass, and 7 more gay celebs celebrated Halloween
-Will and Grace cast reunites again to perform pro-Hillary musical number
-Chicago school cancels Christian haunted house depicting Pulse massacre
-An 8-year-old boy wears Hillary Clinton costume for Halloween and gets targeted with anti-gay hate
Two gay moms accused with 'child abuse' for letting their son destroy gender norms
-This Russian city might become the first to break national law and allow a Pride parade
LGBTI rights activists keep fighting against the 'gay propaganda' law
-Gerard Butler criticized for bizarre, ‘homophobic’ Halloween costume
-John Oliver blames Anthony Weiner for the latest US election disaster