Queer FM Episode November 3, 2015

Reid Interview Calgary LGBT Artists 03112015

8:14am - 10:27am

-318 People Shot in Chicago on Halloween, Obama Declares State of Emergency
-Gay porn actor serving life sentence for murdering and dismembering sex partner is enjoying prison life
Luka Magnotta has written to friends about sunbathing, tennis, pizza parties and an abundance of chocolate
-Australia foreign minister announces support for gay marriage
Popular minister says she has ‘absolutely no concerns’ about gay marriage but backs a plebiscite on the issue
-Sir Ian McKellen joins fight for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland
Amnesty International and Peter Tatchell are among those fighting for equality in Northern Ireland
-Facebook finally changes its 'real name' policy
The controversial policy made using Facebook difficult for transgender people and drag queens
-Rabbi blames the murder of two Jewish settlers on Gay Pride
-A gay dad sounds off on the “purity” parents who want to keep LGBT info out of sex ed
-Israel’s High Court petitioned for equal marriage
-Male rape now a crime in China
-Same-sex couples receive first civil marriage licenses in Chile
-Homeless youth act in play about life on Vancouver streets
Kali says her life resembles her character as a First Nations, trans sex worker
-Boy George: ‘I slept with Prince’

Track Listing:

Call It Off
Shamir · Call It Off
Stay With Me
Sydney Johnson ft. Passion · Stay With Me
Ephwurd ft. DKAY · Duckface
The Loose Cut · Soul
Strong Hands
Trevor Guthrie · Strong Hands
Young Fathers · Shame
Come Home
David Morin · Come Home
Till I get over you
Tiffany Desrosiers · Till I get over you
Wait Forever
Misha · Wait Forever
Delirious Love
REID · Delirious Love
Reid · Compelled
Mackenzie Thoms · Conviction
Strong Enough
Prides ft. Lauren Aquilina · Strong Enough
Show Me Yours
Scotty Dynamo · Show Me Yours
Beyond Love
Beach House · Beyond Love
Slow Drive
Imur · Honey I'm No Good
Break a Sweat
Becky G · Break a Sweat
Shura · Touch