Queer FM Vancouver : Reloaded Episode September 18, 2012

Queer FM Vancouver : Reloaded - Let the ranting commence!

8:00am - 10:30am

Here comes another week of Queer in your Ear! Chill out and get wild with Barb, Jared & Denise, get your dose of hot-times how-tos from Velvet Steele, and start your day off right. Plenty of rants this week!

The Playlist:
CiTR – Station ID – Love Is
Queer FM : Reloaded Theme
Barb & Jared – Good Morning, Banter, Coming Up Today
CiTR – PSA – Overeaters Anon
CiTR – Ad – Recruit
Chely Wright – Single White Female
kd lang - Summerfling
Niki & The Dove – Gentle Roar
CiTR – PSA – Shaw
Jared & Barb – Shout outs, French Marriage, Kuntz
Beyonce – I was here
Tegan & Sara – Nineteen Reich & Bleich Remix
Queen – Don't Stop Me Now REMIX
CiTR – Station ID – Crucial Groove
CiTR – Show Promo – Velvet Answers
Jared – Segue to Velvet Says, intro Velvet Answers plug
Velvet Says 30 “Know Your Sex Practices”
Barb, Denise & Jared – Uganda playwright out of jail, must stay in country; HIV test warning Health Canada; Beasts of Burden
CiTR – PSA – Right To Play
CiTR – Ad – Ravonettes
CiTR – Ad – CiTR Charts
Bif Naked – Spaceman
Kyle Ord – When It All Began
Peter Breeze – LA
Barb, Jared & Denise – Sex workers, activists; anti gay pamphlet & Jamaica anti-gay march; Shout-outs
CiTR – Stn ID – Queen of England
Barb's Van Bag
DJ Denise Cpt. Klitalik LIVE Mega Mix
Barb, Jared – Thanks, Intro Sup World, CiTR shout-outs
Queer FM Outro
CiTR – PSA – Conversations
CiTR – Ad – Orbital
DJ PeeTee Remix

Track Listing:

Single White Female
Chely Wright · Single White Female EP
Summerfling Remix
kd lang · Summerfling Remix EP
Gentle Roar
Niki & The Dove · Gentle Roar EP
I Was Here
Beyonce · I Was Here EP
Ninetenn (Reich & Bleich Remix)
Tegan & Sara · Ninetenn (Reich & Bleich Remix) EP
Don't Stop Me Now Remix
Queen · Don't Stop Me Now Remix EP
Spaceman Remix
Bif Naked · Spaceman EP
Where It All Began
Kyle Ord · Where It All Began EP
Peter Breeze · LA EP
Live Megamix
DJ Denise · Cpt Klitalik LIVE Megamix
2012 Megamix
DJ Peetee · 2012 Megamix