Queer FM Vancouver : Reloaded Episode July 10, 2012

QueerFM Vancouver RELOADED : Two Dads & A Swimming Pool

8:00am - 10:30am

Barb, Jared and DJ Denise are back for that bit of Rainbow Fabulousness many of you (hello UK!) wait for ALL WEEK! Here we go again...hard hats ON!

QueerFM Vancouver is RELOADED.

It's a free for all this morning - this time...with swimming pool commentary...free of charge!

Join us as we dish up the dirt as well as our weekly features - Barb Snelgrove sharing her TOP picks for what YOU *should* be doing this week on VanBag. DJ Denise spinning some rockin' tunes...and just WHAT made Jared laugh - or get really PISSED - THIS week!

Join Barb Snelgrove & Jared Knudsen as we talk - A LOT - on this week's QueerFM Vancouver RELOADED!

You've got yourself another QueerFM Cocktail - served straight up. No apologies... ;)


CiTR – Show Promo – Synaptic
CiTR – PSA – LiveVan.Com
Queer FM : Reloaded Theme
Barb & Jared – Good Morning, Banter, Topic/Guest Intros, Student Loan Suicides, www.lennox.co.uk
CiTR – PSA – Students
CiTR – Ad – AudioPile
Bif Naked – Everyday
Peaches – Talk To Me
Niki & The Dove – The Fox
Jared & Barb – Two Dads & Swimming Pool, Shoutouts, LGBT Facts
CiTR – PSA – Vampire
Peter Breeze f Maxwell Maxwell – X-Rated Angel
Tyrell Witherspoon – Show & Tell
Metric – Synthetica (Synthetica EP)
CiTR – Station ID – Russian La La La
Barb & Jared – Google Launches “Legalize Love”, Texas Tip of Hat/Wag of Finger, Ill-inois
CiTR – Show Promo – Stranded
CiTR – PSA – Charts
Queen – Don't Stop Me Now (Matt Pop Magic Mix)
Against Me! - Stop!
Journey – DSB Remix
Niki & The Dove – The Fox
Destineak – Shine
CiTR – Ad – CMilk
Barb & Jared – Shoutouts, politics, topics – Georgia Straight (VOTE CiTR) | Vancouver Front Runners (July 28, Pride Run & Walk)
CiTR – Station ID – YipYip Aliens
VanBag Listing
DJ Denise – Live (recorded) from California – Cruisin' Cali, Drinkin' in LA Megamix
CiTR – Ad – Friends of CiTR (Downtown)
Barb, Jared – Thanks, Intro Sup World, CiTR shout-outs
Queer FM Outro
90s Dance MegaMix

One show, MANY Voices, ALL QueerFM - with PRIDE!

QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

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Track Listing:

Bif Naked · Everyday EP
Talk to Me
Peaches · Talk to Me EP
The Fox
Niki & The Dove · The Fox EP
X-Rated Angel
Peter Breeze f Maxwell Maxwell · X-Rated Angel EP
Show & Tell
Tyrell Witherspoon · Show & Tell EP
Metric · Synthetica EP
Don't Stop Me Now (Matt Pop Magic Mix)
Queen · Don't Stop Me Now (Matt Pop Magic Mix) EP
Against Me! · Stop! EP
Don't Stop Believing Remix
Journey · Don't Stop Believing
The Fox
Niki & The Dove · The Fox EP
Destineak · Shine EP
California Dreamin' & Drinkin' in LA MEGAMIX
DJ DENISE · California Dreamin' & Drinkin' in LA MEGAMIX