Queer FM Vancouver : Reloaded Episode March 11, 2012

QueerFM: Spencer Chandra Herbert on the Drive!

6:00pm - 8:00pm

It's been yet ANOTHER contentious and fantastic week - and we're here at QueerFM to make sense of it all!

Aedan Saint & Ryan Clayton meet up with Vancouver West End MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert to talk life, politics and everything on Commercial Drive in a one hour QueerFM Exclusive interview - ok...it's more of a candid discussion. We are SO pleased to have him on the show.

Barb Snelgrove makes a SPECIAL Sunday night VanBag appearance with ALL your events and happenings of merit in Vancouver and beyond!

Aedan & Ryan round off with their roundup of the cool, not so cool and downright WTF?!? events of the past week as well as add their own spin on the crazy!

Couple THAT with in studio conversation with Ryan's review of gay relationships in Mass Effect 3, closing of the Vancouver Playhouse Company (and the bailout) and MUCH more! MUCHO COOL music from all over the FAB spectrum including Aedan's pick of the week - and you've got yourself yet another QueerFM cocktail...straight up, no ice...with a twist!

Making life more fabulous, one person at a time...

Daft Punk - Derezzed
CiTR - Station ID
QueerFM Intro - Aedan Saint & Ryan Clayton
Interview - Spencer Chandra Herbert
CiTR - Rio
CiTR - 24 Student
CiTR - Block
Psychometer - Ryan & Aedan
Maroon 5 & Travie McCoy - Stereo Hearts
Twitter - Fuck You
Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
Barb Snelgrove's VanBag
Madeon - Pop Culture
Vancouver Playhouse Discussion - Ryan & Aedan
Mass Effect 3 - Ryan & Aedan
Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks

Two shows, MANY Locations, ALL QueerFM - with PRIDE!

QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

QueerFM broadcasts on CiTR 101.9FM Vancouver EVERY Sunday 6-8PM and QueerFM Arts Xtra Tuesday mornings 9:30-10:30AM!


Track Listing:

Daft Punk · Tron Legacy OST
Stereo Hearts
Maroon 5 w/Travie McCoy · SNL OST 2011
Call Your Girlfriend
Robyn · SNL OST 2011
Pop Culture
Madeon · Pop Culture EP
Pumped Up Kicks
Foster the People · SNL OST 2011