Queer FM Vancouver : Reloaded Episode August 21, 2011

QueerFM : Mama Mia! Vancouver Queer Film Fest 2011! Left Spine Down!

6:00pm - 8:00pm

QueerFM is back after a WEEK of Vancouver Queer Film Festival goodness - and HOURS in a dark theatre. Aedan & Justin Saint talk...movies! Kink Crusaders director, discussion and MORE! Justin Saint & Clement CBlaze review Mama Mia North American Tour as it rolls through Vancouver and...Pinoy Film Fest, Left Spine Down, and SO much more...
(Aedan & Justin Saint...talk politics!)

Kaye Tuckerman (Mama Mia) CiTR Station ID 00:00
Daft Punk - Derezzed 00:15
QueerFM Show intro 02:00
Mama Mia Review - Justin Saint & Mr. CBlaze 04:00
Super Trouper - Female Ensemble/Jenny Galloway 16:00
HIM PSA 20:00
Fountainhead Pub PSA 21:00
Music of Mama Mia - Justin Saint 22:00
Forbidden Broadway - Mamma Mi-Diocre 23:00
Bear Studio Cast - God Don't Make No Trash - 28:00
Vancouver Pinoy Film Festival - Justin Saint 31:00
Sun Yet Sen Anniversary PSA 34:00
Vancouver Queer Film Festival - Aedan Saint & Justin Saint 35:00
Kaye Tuckerman (Mama Mia) CiTR Station ID 63:00
Back in Black - Santana/NAS 63:15
Vancouver Queer Film Festival - Kink Crusaders Interview 68:00
QueerFM News - Aedan Saint & Justin Saint - 89:00
Fountainhead PSA - 109:00
Pink - Trouble 110:00
Left Spine Down - Prozac Nation 114:15
Left Spine Down - LAST DAZE 119:00

Three shows, MANY Locations, ALL QueerFM - with PRIDE!

QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

QueerFM broadcasts on CiTR 101.9FM Vancouver EVERY Sunday 6-8PM - with sister shows QueerFM QMUNITY from 5-6PM Sundays and QueerFM Arts Xtra at it's new weekly timeslot Tuesday mornings 9:30-10:30AM!


Track Listing:

Daft Punk · Tron Legacy OST
Super Trouper
Female Cast Mama Mia · Super Trouper EP
God Don't Make No Trash
Bear Studio Cast · God Don't Make No Trash
Back in Black
Santana/NAS · Back in Black EP
Pink · Trouble EP
Prozac Nation
Left Spine Down · Prozac Nation EP
Last Daze
Left Spine Down · Last Daze EP