Queer FM Vancouver : Reloaded Episode August 7, 2011

QueerFM : Linda Fillmore of Fillmore Family Reunion, Kaye Tuckerman of Mama Mia & 2011 North American OutGames Interviews - Part Two

6:00pm - 8:00pm

QueerFM is ON and BACK at CiTR Studios with Aedan Saint's news brief and interview with the fabulous Linda Fillmore of the Fillmore Family Reunion! Justin Saint talks with Kaye Tuckerman - one of the leads of the upcoming Mama Mia North American Tour -

and...2011 North American OutGames interview rollcall with Aedan Saint - Part TWO. Check out interviews the QueerFM & CiTR Teams gathered - from across the OutGames festivities.

Daft Punk - Derezzed 1:44
AIDS Vancouver PSA :40
2011 AIDS Walk :45
QueerFM News - 12:00
Love Etc. - Pet Shop Boys 6:20
Interview with Linda Fillmore - Fillmore Family Reunion
Back in Black - NAS w/Carlos Santana 4:20
Kaye Tuckerman CiTR Station ID 0:10
Justin Saint interviews Kaye Tuckerman of Mama Mia - 17:09
CiTR Shindig PSA 0:56
CiTR Station ID 0:10
Aedan Saint introduces OutGames interviews: 0:15
Wilson Wong interviews Len Tritch - Oldest Participant, Seattle Frontrunners 3:22
Wilson Wong interviews Marty McElhiney, Gold Medal - Steeplechase 3:36
Aedan Saint intro: 0:10
Neo Caines & Vanessa Tara interview Glen Fraser - Tennis 5:38
Neo Caines & Vanessa Tara interview Mixed Doubles Tennis Silver Medal Winners 4:34
Neo Caines & Vanessa Tara interview Terence Little - Mixed Doubles Tennis 3:36
CiTR Exploding Head Movies PSA 0:59
Aedan Saint intro: 0:10
Wilson Wong interviews Ian Harvey Singles Gold Medal Winner - Tennis 3:40
Wilson Wong interviews Kevin Tam Singles Silver Medal Winner - Tennis 2:41
CiTR Chips With Everything PSA 0:55
Wilson Wong interview with Lopez Tully - Soccer - 4:43
Japan-Boston Soccer - Penalty Kick 0:25
Japan Soccer - Pedro Gneiting 2:25
San Diego Soccer - Leslie Randolph 3:28
Leroy Wan - Youth Co. interview 1:56
Stayin' Alive In The Wall (Pink Floyd vs Bee Gees) - Wax Audio 3:23
Aedan Saint - Events List
Trouble - Pink 3:12

All this and MORE from our OutGames Wrap-Up - Part 2.

Three shows, MANY Locations, ALL QueerFM - with PRIDE! QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

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Track Listing:

Daft Punk · Derezzed EP
Love Etc.
Pet Shop Boys · Love Etc. EP
Prince · Trust (Batman EP)
Back In Black
NAS & Santana · Back in Black EP
Pink · Trouble EP
Staying Alive In The Wall
Wax Audio · Staying Alive in The Wall (Mashup)