Queer FM Episode July 28, 2011

QueerFM : OutGames Human Rights Conference Coverage - Day 3 Early Session

12:00pm - 2:00am

Day THREE - Early session from the OutGames Human Rights Conference on CiTR! On today's broadcast:

12:00 Headley, Perfect

12:03 Headley, 9 Shades of red

12:05 Samantha Mack intro

12:06 PSA

12:07 Station ID

12:08 Alexis interviews Neo

12:12 Samantha intro

12:13 Greg talks about the Breakfast of Champions

12:16 Station ID

12:16 NDP MP Randall Garrison recorded LIVE

12:18 sound bite intro

12:18 Jerek Conference Session: Campus Games When Sport, Gender, Sexuallity and Civility Collide

12:27 Neil interviews Jerko Bozikovic LIVE Antwerp 2013 3rd world OutGames

12:47 Greg talks about Aging Adults in the LGTBQ Community

12:50 Hokus Pick, I'm so Happy

12:53 Greg talks about university Suicide

12:54 Station ID

12:54 PSA

12:55 Neo Interviews Human Rights Conference Panel Speaker Ryan Clayton

*GLITCH* at station. playing music till we're back on the air

12:59 Hedley, Friends

1:03 Neo Interviews Human Rights Conference Panel Speaker Ryan Clayton

1:18 PSA

1:20 Neo interviews Human Rights Panelist Brian Pincott, Dep. Mayor of Calgary

1:31 station ID

1:32 PSA

1:32 Greg talks about Youth sessions at the human Rights Conference

1:34 PSA davie street dance party

1:35 PSA

1:36 LIVE from the grand ballroom

1:40 Leroy interviews Robert Dekeu

1:42 Samantha interviews the youth from Qmunity's GAB program about pride, and what's awesome about the human rights conference

1:55 A Frosty Comet, Hypnotized

1:58 Dirty Dancing Remix

Eight Days, MANY Locations, ALL OUTGAMES - with PRIDE! QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

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