Queer FM Vancouver : Reloaded Episode December 31, 2006

Queer FM - December 31st, 2006

6:00pm - 8:00pm

The top queer independent music releases of 2006 from This Way Out's Audiofile, The top queer news stories of 2006, and Queer FM's own 2006 musical disoveries.

Track Listing:

I Am What I Am
Gloria Gaynor · I Am What I Am
wyrd sisters · wholly
holy thug
dhol foundation · drum believable
gay sons of lesbian mothers
kaki king · until we felt red
the footsteps die out forever
kaki king · until we felt red
T Nile · At My Table
everyone's fucked but me
kate reid · demo
crash the party
hp mendoza · colma ost
smak dem christians down
jay spears · playin on my team
sean sean
jay spears · " "" ""
ndidi onukwulu · no, i never
never give up
melissa ferrick · in the eyes of strangers
For just one night
Coco Love Alcorn · Sugar