Queer FM QMUNITY Episode October 30, 2011

QueerFM QMUNITY: West Side Story & Jason Lamarche Interviews

5:00am - 6:05am

QueerFM QMUNITY is BACK with TWO West Side Story reviews, music from Kate Reid AND Vancouver City Council candidate Jason Lamarche...LIVE. Listen in and get the skinny!
(but wait...there's more!)

0:00:00 CiTR Canzine
0:00:30 CiTR Biltmore
0:01:30 CiTR Charts
0:03:00 Daft Punk -Derezzed
0:05:00 Intro - Aedan Saint, Justin Saint & Samantha Mack
0:10:00 West Side Story Review - Jazmine Khan
0:16:00 CiTR Fountainhead Pub
0:17:00 West Side Story Review - Justin Saint
0:27:00 CiTR Kaye Tuckerman Station ID
0:27:15 Tyrell Witherspoon - Letting Go
0:31:00 Jason Lamarche Interview - Aedan, Justin & Samantha
0:47:00 CiTR HIM PSA
0:48:00 Jason Lamarche Part II
0:60:00 OUT

Three shows, MANY Locations, ALL QueerFM - with PRIDE!

QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

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