Queer FM QMUNITY Episode August 14, 2011

QueerFM : Fillmore Family Reunion Highlights AND Tyrell Witherspoon - singer, songerwriter, & 'The Dancing One' of Homorazzi!

6:00am - 8:00am

QueerFM is going DOWN HOME, Pard. Aedan Saint dons a cowboy hat and black leather (duh.) to cover THE Fillmore Family Reunion! Justin Saint gives away tickets to the upcoming Mama Mia North American Tour and...THE Tyrell Witherspoon sits down with the QueerFM QMUNITY Team to talk music, 'So You Think You Can Dance', finding his guy...and Homorazzi genesis.

A Loving Spoonful PSA 0:01:00
AIDS Vancouver 0:02:00
Fillmore Family Reunion Intro - 0:03:00
Boom Chix - 0:08:00
Sun Yet Sen PSA 0:13:39
DJ Mumbles Fillmore Family Mix 0:14:40
Lisa Martella - A Loving Spoonful 0:34:00
Tyrell Witherspoon - 0:38:00
HIM PSA 0:45:00
Mama Mia Ticket Giveaway and Intro 0:46:00
DJ Mumbles Fillmore Family Mix 0:47:00
Mama Mix Ticket Giveaway 0:52:00
Kaye Tuckerman ID 0:55:30
Sharon McKnight 0:56:00
Station ID 1:04:00
Fountainhead PSA 1:05:00
Linda Fillmore 1:06:00
Barn Burner PSA 1:14:00
Filmore Family Reunion Screaming Chickens 1:15:00
Babe Coal 1:17:30
QueerFM QMUNITY Tyrell Witherspoon Interview Part One 1:29:30
QueerFM Promo 1:44:00
QueerFM QMUNITY Tyrell Witherspoon Interview Part Two 1:44:30

All this and MORE from QMUNITY AND the Fillmore Family Reunion!

Three shows, MANY Locations, ALL QueerFM - with PRIDE! QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

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