Queer FM Arts Xtra Episode May 15, 2012

QueerFM Arts Xtra : Jared Jams!

8:00am - 9:30am

It's his FIRST show as the NEW QueerFM Producer...and our man Jared - JAMS! Hear it...enjoy it...and Aedan Saint says, 'Balls.'

Hey...he's still American. It happens.

Join Aedan Saint, Velvet Steele, Jared Knudsen as we talk news, music and...WTF on this EXTENDED episode of Xtra!

QueerFM Arts Xtra is ON...and it's another fantastic episode with a LOT on tap.

Aedan & Jared talk Psychometer news from the crazy as well as WTF news...including 'Obama is Gay!'.

It's Barb Snelgrove's Birthday...and she's off sipping Mimosas somewhere - so Aedan tees up Barb Snelgrove's VanBag (just this once). ;)

Include the dystopian playlist of Aedan Saint colliding into Jared's Crazy & Cool Playlist FAVES...and -

You've got yourself another QueerFM Arts Xtra Cocktail - served straight up. No apologies... ;)

All this and more on QueerFM Arts Xtra - sponsored by The FALL Tattoo - Vancouver! <3


CiTR - Station ID
CiTR - Rio
Daft Punk - Derezzed
Intro - Jared & Aedan
This Week in Crazy USA - Jared & Aedan
This Week in Crazy Canada - Jared & Aedan
CiTR - Bisia Bulat
CiTR - Artists
Ithaca Audio - Don't Hold Back, Push Things Forward
Destineak - Shine
Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
Velvet Says... Switch It UP!
MORE Canadian Crazy & Right Wing Watch.org NUTSO!
Teagan & Sara - Body Work
Mercy vs Dooby Bros - Duffy Train Runnin'
CiTR - CabaRadio
Roxy Music - Love Is the Drug EP
Kyle Ord - Searching For Me
CiTR - Charts
CiTR - Rio
Seque - Jared & Aedan
Peter Breeze - NYFW
Velvet Says...Relax Go With It!
Tim Minchin - Three Minute Song
Johnny McGovern - Sexy Nerd
Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi
Craig Ferguson - Imagineer
CiTR - Artists
Happy Birthday Barb
Benny Benassi & Gary Go - Close To Me EP
CiTR - Station ID (Put A Bangin' Donk on It)
Barb Snelgrove's VanBag
Rush - Tom Sawyer Remix
CiTR - Vinyl
bif naked - I Love Myself Today
Alanis Morisset - Crazy
Ryan Steele & Amy - Instagram Me Baby
Wrap it UP!
Beastie Boys vs Herbie Hancock - Intergalactic Rockit!

THREE shows, MANY Locations, ALL QueerFM - with PRIDE! QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

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Track Listing:

Daft Punk · Derezzed EP
Don't hold back, just push things forward
Ithicaudio · Don't hold back, just push things forward EP
Destineak · Shine EP
Don't Stop Me Now - Memories Remix EP
Queen · Don't Stop Me Now - Memories Remix EP
Body Work
Morgan Page f Tegan & Sara · Body Work EP
Duffy Train Runnin
Mercy v Dobbie Bros · Duffy Train Runnin EP
Love is the drug
Roxy Music · Love is the drug EP
Searching for me
Kyle Ord · Searching for me EP
Peter Breeze · NYFW EP
Love Interruption
Jack Black · Love Interruption EP
Three Minute Song (BBC)
Tim Minchin · Three Minute Song (BBC) EP
Sexy Nerd
Johnny McGovern · The Gay Pimp
Ca Plane Pour Moi
Plastic Bertrand · Ca Plane Pour Moi EP
Craig Fergusson · Imagineer EP
Close to me
Benny Benassi ft Gary Go · Close to me EP
Tom Sawyer Remix
Rush · Tom Sawyer Remix EP
Love Myself Today
Bif Naked · Love Myself Today EP
Alanis Morrissette · Crazy EP
Instagram Me Baby
Ryan Steele · Instagram Me Baby EP
Intergalactic Rockit
Beatie Boys f Herbie Hancock · Intergalactic Rockit EP