Queer FM Arts Xtra Episode February 28, 2012

QueerFM Arts Xtra: Gettin' Rowdy with John Ferrie

9:30am - 10:30am

We're back with Oscar buzz, crazy convo with John Ferrie about his new art show, Physical Graffiti...and, it just sorta got out of hand. Free flow fun in the control room...with a full house...

QueerFM Arts Xtra is ON...and it's gonna be good.

Add generous portions of beats, offbeats, and sh^t from left field, top it off with a healthy dose of Aedan's Internet playlist du jour, and a little WTF?!? ....and you've got yourself another QueerFM Arts Cocktail - served straight up. No apologies... ;)

All this and more on QueerFM Arts Xtra - sponsored by The FALL Tattoo - Vancouver! <3


CiTR - UBC Bike Kitchen
CiTR - Station ID
Sponsor: The Fall Tattoo
Daft Punk - Derezzed
Intro QueerFM Arts Xtra - OUTspoken since 1993
Intro Hosts - Aedan Saint, David C. Jones, Barb Snelgrove
Ryan Steele & Amy - Instagram Me Baby
Muppets - Mahna Mahna
CiTR - Rio Theatre
Nicky Romero - Toulouse
Madeon - Pop Culture
Oscar Wrap-up with Aedan, Barb & David
The Lord God - It Getteth Better
Maroon 5 w/Travie McCoy - Stereo Hearts
Interview with John Ferrie - Aedan, Barb & David
CiTR - Station ID
Barb Snelgrove's VanBag
CiTR - Recruit
Velvet Says... with Velvet Steele
David C. Jones' Impresario Impressions
Barb's Xtra Wacky Entertainment News
Final Mentions
Say Good Night, Gracie...
C.R. Avery - Back to the Dungeon

Two shows, MANY Locations, ALL QueerFM - with PRIDE! QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

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Track Listing:

Daft Punk · Tron Legacy OST
Instragram Me Baby
Ryan Steele w/ Amy · Instragram Me Baby EP
Mahna Mahna
Muppets · Muppet Show OST
Nicky Romero · Toulouse EP
Pop Culture
Madeon · Pop Culture EP
Stereo Hearts
Maroon 5 w/ Travie McCoy · SNL LIVE 2011
Back to the Dungeon
C.R. Avery · Back to the Dungeon EP