Queer FM Arts Xtra Episode February 21, 2012

QueerFM Arts Xtra: Sideways

9:30am - 10:30am

Gonna warn ya - we had a LOT of tech difficulties, issues with audio processor - AND malfunctioning studio computer! It's a Sideways Train Wreck...but fun nonetheless! Aedan Saint is joined for the first time by our new eclectic music guru - Miss Mia!

QueerFM Arts Xtra is ON...and it's gonna be good.

Add generous portions of beats, offbeats, and sh^t from left field, top it off with a healthy dose of Aedan's Internet playlist du jour, and a little WTF?!? ....and you've got yourself another QueerFM Arts Cocktail - served straight up. No apologies... ;)

All this and more on QueerFM Arts Xtra - sponsored by The FALL Tattoo - Vancouver! <3

CiTR - Emery Barnes
Sponsor: The Fall Tattoo
Daft Punk - Derezzed
Intro - Aedan Saint & Miss Mia
Tyrell Witherspoon - Glow
Entertainment News
Kathleen Edwards - Change The Sheets
Bantering Hosts
CiTR - Charts
Classified - Quit While You're Ahead
Barb Snelgrove's VanBag
Bif Naked - Tango Shoes
CiTR - Massage
The Black Keys - Tighten Up
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks
Gwen Stefani - Now That You Got It

Two shows, MANY Locations, ALL QueerFM - with PRIDE! QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

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Track Listing:

Change The Sheets
Kathleen Edwards · Voyageur
Daft Punk · Tron Legacy OST
Tyrell Witherspoon · Glow EP
Quit While You're Ahead
Classified · Handshakes & Middle Fingers
Tango Shoes
Bif Naked · Tango Shoes EP
Tighten Up
The Black Keys · Brothers
Pumped Up Kicks
Foster The People · SNL LIVE 2012
Now That You Got It
Gwen Stefani · Now That You Got IT