Queer FM Arts Xtra Episode November 15, 2011

QueerFM Arts Xtra: Poppycock! (and other related matters)

8:00am - 9:30am

QueerFM Arts Xtra is talking Poppycock - Prince Poppycock...and we gave you the chance to win TICKETS! ;)

Barb Snelgrove is back and with her - events and and SPAM! She SPAMS Aedan, talks Van Bag events, Samantha Mack talks laptop motivation and gay bashing, and Aedan Saint talks Kardashian crazy, and 'gay standard time'.

Add music compiled by Justin Saint, top it off with MORE Kate Reid....and you've got another QueerFM Arts Cocktail. ;)

All this and more on QueerFM Arts Xtra - sponsored by The FALL Tattoo - Vancouver! <3

0:00:00 CITR - Friends of CiTR Main
0:01:00 Daft Punk - Derezzed
0:03:00 Aedan & Sam intro
0:04:30 Mariachi El Bronx - Revolution Girl
0:08:30 Rick's Rant - Teen Suicide
0:09:30 Aedan & Sam & Barb - Events
0:21:00 Bif Naked - King of Karma
0:25:00 MGMT - Time to Pretend
0:28:00 Aedan & Barb - Intro to Prince Poppycock
0:30:00 Prince Poppycock - Bohemian Rhapsody
0:36:00 God - It Getteth Better
0:39:00 CiTR - Pre-Fund Drive
0:40:00 Samantha - Arts Round Up
0:46:00 CiTR - IGNITE
0:47:00 CiTR - CiTR Charts
0:50:00 Destineak - Calling Your Name
0:54:00 Alice Ai - Fast As I Can
0:57:00 Kate Reid - Doing It For The Chicks

Three shows, MANY Locations, ALL QueerFM - with PRIDE! QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

QueerFM broadcasts on CiTR 101.9FM Vancouver EVERY Sunday 6-8PM - with sister shows QueerFM QMUNITY from 5-6PM Sundays and QueerFM Arts Xtra - Tuesday mornings 9:30-10:30AM!

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Track Listing:

Daft Punk · Tron Legacy OST
Revolution Girl
Mariachi El Bronx · Revolution Girl EP
King of Karma
Bif Naked · King of Karma EP
Time to Pretend
MGMT · Time to Pretend (radio)
Bohemian Rhapsody
Prince Poppycok · Bohemian Rhapsody
Calling Your Name
Destineak · Calling Your Name EP
Fast As I Can
Alice Ai · Fast As I Can EP
Doing It For The Chicks
Kate Reid · Doing It For The Chicks