Queer FM Arts Xtra Episode August 30, 2011

QueerFM Arts Xtra : Ryan Steele 1st Anniversary Show, Darcy Michael, Velma in the Sun AND Interview with filmmaker Matthew Granger!

9:00pm - 12:00am

QueerFM Arts Xtra is (mostly) all Canuck with Aedan Saint & NEW Host Caryl Dolinko talking lawn bowling, lesbian fashionable-ness - and lawn bowling...at Velma in the Sun fundraiser for People helping People. New music from JEFF BRIDGES...(you'll love it!) and Samantha Mack returns with Granger Brothers vs THE Kevin Smith interview (yes...THAT Kevin Smith) as well as Darcy Michael at Vancouver Queer Arts Festival, a SPECIAL message from Ryan Steele - and ROYALE with CHEESE! Aedan and Sam talk with one HALF of the Granger Brothers, film maker Matthew Granger about making of his films, Tarentino, Blacksploitation films, Empire vs Jedi and we call Crazy Dracula at Burning Man!.

All this and MORE on THIS edition of QueerFM Arts Xtra!

Vancouver AIDS PSA 0:00:00
Caryl Dolinko Station ID 0:00:01
Queen - I Want to Break Free/QueerFM Arts Xtra Intro 0:00:01
deadmau5 - Meowingtons Hax Enabled (1st Edit) 0:00:05
Jeff Bridges Intro to his music - 0:00:09
Jeff Bridges - What A Little Love Can Do 0:00:10
Friends of CiTR PSA 0:00:14
Friends of CiTR PSA 0:00:15
Frosty Comet - Hypnotized 0:00:16
Caryl Dolinko Interview - Friends Help Friends 0:00:20
David Guetta (feat. Snoop Dogg) 0:00:27
CabaRadio PSA 0:00:30
CiTR Station ID 0:00:31
QueerFM PSA 0:32:04
Ryan Steele Show Reunion 0:33:00
Queer Arts Fest with Darcy Michael 0:35:00 (station ID built in)
CultureDef clip 0:44:00
Station ID mommy 0:47:00
hole in my soul http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJqwYv70wBg 0:48:00
QueerFM Arts eXtra PSA 0:52:00
Kevin Smith vs the Granger Bros 0:53:00
Station ID 1:02:00
Warren Zevon - The Hockey Song 1:01:00 0:5:33
Granger Brothers - Quarter Pounder With Cheese 1:06:00
Guest: Matt Granger from the Granger Bros 1:08:00
Exploding Head Movies 1:27:00
call Crazy Dracula 1:28:00

Three shows, MANY Locations, ALL QueerFM - with PRIDE! QueerFM. We're not sorry. You're welcome.

QueerFM broadcasts on CiTR 101.9FM Vancouver EVERY Sunday 6-8PM - with sister shows QueerFM QMUNITY from 5-6PM Sundays and QueerFM Arts Xtra at it's new weekly timeslot Tuesday mornings 9:30-10:30AM!

Track Listing:

I Want To Break Free
Queen · I Want to Break Free (Inst)
Meowingtons Hax Enabled EP
deadmau5 · Meowingtons Hax Enabled EP
What A Little Love Can Do
Jeff Bridges · Jeff Bridges
Frosty Comet · Frosty Comet
David Guetta (feat. Snoop Dogg) · Nothing But The Beat
Hole In My Soul
Culture Def · Hole In My Soul EP
LIVE at Queer Arts Festival
Darcy Michael · LIVE at Queer Arts Festival
The Hockey Song
Warren Zevon · The Hockey Song EP
Quarter Pounder With Cheese EP
Granger Brothers · Quarter Pounder With Cheese EP