Powerchord Episode March 30, 2024

Close to the Presence of (Radio) Suffering

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Ferris back in the studio, somewhat less fucking up than usual. Exploiting the hard work of local musicians takes up 3/4 of the show, showcasing a genre diversity not ordinarily heard on the program (read: not exclusively deathmetal). Includes a fruit-filled section on new and up-coming local acts. Highlights on The Invisible Orange 15th anniversary gigs, and some other shit you need to know. There will be a test.

Track Listing:

Final Death
Reversed · Wildly Possessed
Inward to Abraxas
Atrae Bilis · Aumicide
A Waxing Moon Over Babylon
Spell · A Waxing Moon Over Babylon / Fall to Ruin
Baku's Realm
Scalding · Exordium
Harm Pit
Guile · Guile - EP
Reborn as the Word of His Law
Egregore · The Word of His Law
Beyond Putrefaction
Druid Lord · Druid Lord / Anatomia Split
Blood Offering
Deathwinds · Ripping Annihilation
Chemical Wraiths
The Blade Itself · Chemical Wraiths
Cherry Tree
Vampires and Leeches · Black River / Cherry Tree
No Peace
Plague Doctor · Get Well Soon
Schedule 1 · Crucible
Place of Refuge
Place of Refuge · Winter Promo
Baleful · Skinwalker
Engulfed in Oil Fire
Bayonet Dismemberment · Carnage of War
Merging Within the Destroyer
Adversarial · Solitude with the Eternal...
I Am a Disease
Idiot Child · The First Breath is the Beginning of Death
Die You Fuck
Brainbombs · Obey
The Big Empty
Twenty Million People · The Big Empty
Close to the Presence of Suffering
Stress Angel · Punished By Nemesis