Powerchord Episode January 27, 2024

To Feast On Celestial Bodies

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Another heaping portion of all things brutal and heavy. Gorge yourself on new jamz from Spectral Voice, Balkan, Altered Dead, Dodsrit, Daevar, and Vemod; bloat your weak and fragile insides on gig features for Riot City, Escuela Grind, Dodheimsgard, and Beherit; vomit on the 20th anniversary for Cannibal Corpse's "The Wretched Spawn"
A disgusting morsel for even the most discerning heavy metal radio connoisseur..

Track Listing:

Sinew Censer
Spectral Voice · Sparagmos
Eye of the Jaguar
Riot City · Electric Elite
Through Clouded Eyes
Poltergeist · Hallucinations in the Catacombs
Cut to Serve the State
Pearl Malle · Gnosis Ab Aeterno Dio
Kontact · Full Contact
Terminal Spiral
Balkan · Not All Prisons Have Bars
Psychogenic Burial
Altered Dead · Psychogenic Burial
Escuela Grind · Memory Theater
Pink Bubblegum
Jisei · Sincerely, Leda & Alexis
Rot System
Ape War · Split w. NEEDS
Cause and Effect
Take Offense · Cause and Effect
Nocturnal Fire
Dödsrit · Nocturnal Will
Daevar · Delirious Rites
Brutus · Unison Life
True North Beckons
Vemod · The Deepening
Vendetta Assassin
Dodheimsgard · Supervillain Outcast
Unholy Pagan Fire
Beherit · Drawing Down the Moon
To Feast On Celestial Bodies
Odz Manouk · Bosoragazan
Decency Defied
Cannibal Corpse · The Wretched Spawn