Powerchord Episode January 20, 2024

Curse Of Creation

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Ian lights the way at the heart of winter with a slate of his favourite releases from 2023. Ward off the chill and darkness with scorching tracks from the likes of Afterbirth, Hellripper, Sacred Outcry, Haunt, Nothingness and Church Of Misery. We'll pay tribute to the return of Vancouver's legendary 3 Inches of Blood, and also dig a hard rock classic from Scottish downer-fuzz masters Nazareth out of the Graveyard. Gather round the fire and scream at the sky with us.

Track Listing:

Immortal · At The Heart Of Winter
Tragedies Blow At Horizon
Immortal · At The Heart Of Winter
In But Not Of
Afterbirth · In But Not Of
Questioning Societiy's Secrets
Phrozen · Questioning Societiy's Secrets
Molten Rainbow
Antioch · Molten Rainbow
I, The Deceiver
Hellripper · Warlocks Grim & Whithered Hags
Twisted Towers
Gatekeeper · From Western Shores
The Sweet Wine Of Betrayal (The Perennial Sin)
Sacred Outcry · Towers Of Gold
Violent Creed Of Vengeance
Smoulder · Violent Creed Of Vengeance
Fight The Good Fight
Haunt · Golden Arm
The Bonfires At Belloc Coombe
Blood Ceremony · The Old Ways Remain
Trial By Combat
Terrifier · Trample The Weak, Devour The Dead
Curse Of Creation
Nothingness · Supraliminal
The Boneless One
Ceremonial Bloodbath · Genesis Of Malignant Entropy
Profane Order · One Nightmare Unto Another
Vastum · Inward To Gethsemane
Destroy The Orcs
3 Inches Of Blood · Battlecry Under A Winter Sun
Beltway Sniper (John Allen Muhammad)
Church Of Misery · Born Under A Mad Sign
The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Nazareth · Loud 'n' Proud