Powerchord Episode January 13, 2024

Divinations of Wrath

1:01pm - 3:00pm

Coleman's first show of the new year celebrating the reunion of 3 Inches of Blood, New Year's Winterfest at the Wise Hall, new(ish) music from Panopticon, Ragana, the new split from Aberration and Diabolic Oath, the 40th anniversary of Priest classic "Defenders of the Faith" and other things both harsh n' heavy!

Track Listing:

Enduring the Snow Draught
Panopticon · The Rime of Memory
My Sword Will Not Sleep
3 Inches of Blood · Long Live Heavy Metal
Give Me to the Night
Unto Others · Mana
Grotesque Procession
Stench of Death · Stench of Deth split w. Detherous
Manic Despair
Cultist · Manic Despair
Postmortem Rigidity
Death Machine · Inanimate
Savage Lands of Satan
Bewitcher · Under the Witching Cross
The Last Hunt
Truent · Through the Vale of Earthly Torment
Nameless King · Order of the Black Flame
The Keening · Little Bird
Ragana · Desolation's Flower
Veil of Death, Ruptured
Asagraum · Veil of Death, Ruptured
Divinations of Flesh
Aberration · Divinations
Divinations of Wrath
Diabolic Oath · Divinations
Phobocosm · Foreordained
Media Circus
Nightfeeder · Disgustor
Liquored for Life
Brutalize · Fuck Around and Find Out
Constructs of Man
Skraeling · Constructs of Man
Freewheel Burning
Judas Priest · Defenders of the Faith