Powerchord Episode December 16, 2023

Vertumnus Ferris

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Ferris plays songs and talks about them!!!

Track Listing:

Red Feasts Condensed Into One
Spectral Voice · Sparagmos
Degenerate Thought
Dissemination · Uninhabitable
Psychedelic Amphetamine
Dissemination · Uninhabitable
Conqueror's Grave
Dissemination · Uninhabitable
Shame Spiral · Dictaphone Future
State Violence
Alien Boys · The Weight of it All
City of Vermin
Phane · Police System
Drink and Destroy
Trenchraid · War Mentality
Social Scourge
Mass Grave · The Absurdity of Humanity
Rise of Antichrist (Victory Command)
Necroholocaust · Holocaustic Goat Metal
Blood Red Sun
Spoils of Grace · Blood Red Sun
Vertumnus Caesar
Malokarpatan · Vertumnus Caesar
Odz Manouk · Tzurr
Ps 141 (Lord, I cry out to You […] Let my prayer be set before You as incense)
Reverorum ib Malacht · Kyrie Eleison
Corpus Fractum
Vastum · Inward to Gethsemane
Further in Evil
Marthe · Further in Evil
The Eye of Destiny
The Lord & Marthe · The Eye of Destiny
Raven Swarm
Ebony Pendant · Ebony Pendant